Shards of Khorvaire

Drusic's tree burning
After arriving in Tzanthus in Zilargo, the party searched the town following tracks South. A little down the way, the party ran into Drusic, the half-elven Ranger. After threats, Drusic unleashed the wolfpack while making distance on his horse. Effel chased after him riding Fitz, but nearly received lethal arrow damage, if not for the magic hat which fizzled. Drusic rode further down the path, while the rest of the party responded to the 7 wolves that surrounded them. After some bashes, stabs, and many cleaves, the wolves either died or ran away.

After recovering from the conflict, the party pursued Drusic down the road into the forest. After a few hours of using Fitz’s good nose, they came to a dead end at the mouth of a cave-like tunnel. Moving carefully inside, they moved down the narrow circular passage until it lead into an open room with many holes in the walls, ceiling, and floor. Due to feeling faint vibrations in the floor, the party was prepared for the attack from many monstrous centipedes. Making more than the best of a difficult situation, the party left the room covered in ichor and scouted the remaining rooms. After burning the hatcheries, the party found piles of goods from previously unsuccessful adventurers and decided to stay the night inside, despite Io’s bug issues.

In the morning, the party left, following the path outside to its completion where they came across a scouting treefort. Spotting each other at the same time, the party snuck near Drusic’s tree and thoroughly bombarded the tree with summoned monsters and alchemist’s fire. In a last ditch attempt to get to a more advantageous position, having his zipline cut, Drusic tried to climb to the next level. In an unprecedented moment of accuracy, Effel shot his half-brother in the back, causing Drusic to fall unconscious and from the tree. His death was immediate.

Upon return to the Keepers, the party was told that there was a lot going wrong in the north and that they should learn more about how to help and raise personal renown.

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